Python: Parsing and grouping filenames in directory


I'm pretty new to python, but I have lots of experience with MATLAB & C.

What I need to do it parse the filenames of files in a particular directory, separate them into groups according to the fields within the file names, and perform operations within these groups.

Specifically, the filenames are:


where that '-x-' has been purposely inserted as the field divider. I need to do operations on every group of files that shares the same PROJECT-x-SUBJECT-x-SESSION component.

<em><strong></strong></em>__<em>_</em>____<em>My best attempt follows: <strong></strong></em>__<em>_</em>__<em>_</em>__

I can parse each of the files one at a time by:

dirList=os.listdir(directory) for fname in dirList: # kill extension ext = os.path.splitext(fname) # get the 4 fields labels=ext[0].split('-x-') PROJECT_list.append(labels[0]) SUBJECT_list.append(labels[1]) ...

... which reflects this only idea I have had on how to organize this stuff: by creating 4 lists and appending to them for each filename.

Then with my 4 (ordered?) lists, I could then call something like:

from collections import Counter c=Counter(SESSION_list) list(c)

<em>Then at least I have a unique list of SESSION names</em>

Suggestions? I could go on, but since I really just need a starting point, I think that this is sufficient.

Thanks, guys.


You can use defaultdict to make a dictionary that contains lists:

from collections import defaultdict groups = defaultdict(list) for filename in os.listdir(directory): basename, extension = os.path.splitext(filename) project, subject, session, ftype = basename.split('-x-') groups[session].append(filename)

Now, groups contains a mapping between session names and filenames.


How about using a defaultdict to group filenames, glob to find the appropriate files, and fileinput to read lines from all files with the same key. (untested)

import os from glob import glob import fileinput from collections import defaultdict filenames = glob('*-x-*') dd = defaultdict(list) for filename in filenames: name, ext = os.path.splitext(filename) dd[tuple(name.split('-x-')[:3])].append(filename) for key, fnames in dd.iteritems(): for line in fileinput.FileInput(fnames): pass # do something with lines from files with same key


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