how to change bg color of button after pressing and get back to previous color


In the below program i want to change the background color of the button to green after pressing it and changed color should remain for 2seconds and later change back to original color. Is there a way to do?

import tkinter as tk class MyGui(tk.Tk): def __init__(self): super(MyGui, self).__init__() self.create_widgets() def widget_button(self): self.frame = tk.Frame(self) self.frame.pack() self.buttonA = tk.Button(self.frame, padx=13, pady=6, bd=4, text="Sample",bg="black", command=self.trial) def trial(self): print("Button color is changed to green") if __name__ == "__main__": root = MyGui() root.mainloop()

In the program the default color is black now i want to change to green for 2secs after pressing


You can use the after method to schedule a function to run after a pre-defined amount of time. You can use the configure method to change a widget option. Put those two together and you have something like this:

def trial(self): self.buttonA.configure(background="green") self.after(2000, lambda: self.buttonA.configure(background="black")


it works fine if i put code like:

def trial(self): self.buttonA.configure(background="green") self.after(10, lambda: self.buttonA.configure(background="black") self.after(2000, lambda: self.buttonA.configure(background="green")

But am not sure whether its correct way or not


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