How to minimize maven pom.xml


I am working on a spring-boot maven project (Maven 3.5, Java 8). Because of using Swagger Codegen in my project to generate classes, "plugins" tag of the pom.xml is getting bigger:

<build> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-maven-plugin</artifactId> </plugin> <plugin> <groupId>io.swagger</groupId> <artifactId>swagger-codegen-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.2.3</version> <executions> <execution> <id>file1</id> <goals> <goal>generate</goal> </goals> <configuration> <inputSpec>src/main/resources/swagger/../file1.json</inputSpec> <generateApis>false</generateApis> <generateSupportingFiles>false</generateSupportingFiles> <generateApiDocumentation>false</generateApiDocumentation> <modelPackage>com.bla.bla.model</modelPackage> <templateDirectory>src/main/resources/swagger/templates</templateDirectory> <language>spring</language> <modelNamePrefix>ABC</modelNamePrefix> <configOptions> <interfaceOnly>true</interfaceOnly> <java8>true</java8> </configOptions> </configuration> </execution> <execution> <id>file2</id> <goals> <goal>generate</goal> </goals> <configuration> <inputSpec>src/main/resources/swagger/.../file2.json</inputSpec> <generateApis>false</generateApis> <generateSupportingFiles>false</generateSupportingFiles> <generateApiDocumentation>false</generateApiDocumentation> <modelPackage>com.bla.bla.model</modelPackage> <templateDirectory>src/main/resources/swagger/templates</templateDirectory> <language>spring</language> <modelNamePrefix>ABC</modelNamePrefix> <configOptions> <interfaceOnly>true</interfaceOnly> <java8>true</java8> </configOptions> </configuration> </execution> ...

If I move some plugins in another xml file, is it possible to include this xml file into pom.xml? If it isn't possible, then how can I minimize this file?

EDIT: This question is not a duplicate of <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2271082/is-it-possible-to-split-maven-pom-files" rel="nofollow">Is it possible to split maven pom files?</a>. My project hasn't been big yet. Only pom.xml file is getting bigger, so there is no necessity to seperate my codes into modules and organize it in a way of having parent-child pom.xml files. I need something different.


You can define common plugin properties in <pluginManagement> element once and then for each execution define only specific configurations. i.e. <inputSpec>src/main/resources/swagger/../file1.json</inputSpec>

Or you can do the same (<pluginManagment>) in another parent project and in all children put only specific configurations.



... <build> <pluginManagement> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>io.swagger</groupId> <artifactId>swagger-codegen-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.2.3</version> <configuration> <generateApis>false</generateApis> <generateSupportingFiles>false</generateSupportingFiles> <generateApiDocumentation>false</generateApiDocumentation> <modelPackage>com.bla.bla.model</modelPackage> <templateDirectory>src/main/resources/swagger/templates </templateDirectory> <language>spring</language> <modelNamePrefix>ABC</modelNamePrefix> <configOptions> <interfaceOnly>true</interfaceOnly> <java8>true</java8> </configOptions> </configuration> </plugin> </plugins> </pluginManagement> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>io.swagger</groupId> <artifactId>swagger-codegen-maven-plugin</artifactId> <executions> <execution> <id>file1</id> <goals> <goal>generate</goal> </goals> <configuration> <inputSpec>src/main/resources/swagger/../file1.json</inputSpec> </configuration> </execution> <execution> <id>file2</id> <goals> <goal>generate</goal> </goals> <configuration> <inputSpec>src/main/resources/swagger/.../file2.json</inputSpec> </configuration> </execution> </executions> </plugin> </plugins> </build>



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