Questions Meteor about changing view and putting array in collection


I got two question about the Meteor framework

First of all, how can I put an array inside a Meteor collection? And how can I push values into it?

Second of all, when I have a button and I click on it, how can I change the current view? Is this by hiding and showing templates?



Use <a href="http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/operator/addToSet/" rel="nofollow">$addToSet</a> to push values into an array:

var coll = new Meteor.Collection; coll.insert({myArray: []}); coll.update({}, {$addToSet: {myArray: "myNewValue"}});

There are many ways to change views, but an easy one is to use Session and check whether it has a value in your template:

<template name="mytemplate"> <button>Say hello</button> {{#if sayHello}}


{{/if}} </template> Template.mytemplate.events({ "click button": function() { Session.set("sayHello", true); } }); Template.mytemplate.sayHello = function() { return Session.equals("sayHello", true); }


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