How to insert text to editor programmatically in Joomla?


I am using joomla 1.7 and I am made a custom button (editor-xtd plugin) that I want to insert some string into the current editor content.

Like in the Readmore button. I have searched through the Readmore code and found :

$js = " function insertReadmore(editor) { var content = $getContent if (content.match(/<hr\s+id=(\"|')system-readmore(\"|')\s*\/*>/i)) { alert('$present'); return false; } else { jInsertEditorText('<hr id=\"system-readmore\" />', editor); } } ";

now when I try to call jInsertEditorText, I seem to get an error that's it's missing. some forum suggested I import mootools.js, but that didn't seem to do the trick.

Where can I find it or is there some other approach?


jInsertEditorText is defined by the editor, not in mootools. Try using TinyMCE editor or JCE, both support it fully.


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