PHP open_basedir with UNC path


Running PHP 5.3.1 on a Windows server, I have to modify a PHP script to access XML files on a network share. For various reasons the files cannot be placed on the PHP server, and I am not allowed to create a mapped drive on the PHP server so I have to modify the open_basedir parameter in PHP.ini to include the UNC path to the share, e.g.:

open_basedir = "E:\inetpub\;E:\DB_HubDataFiles\;\\stdmfps01\inter-departements$\CVSC-CDT-Estimation-Cedule\"

However when I try to access files on the share I get the "open_basedir restriction in effect" error. I am trying to access the files as follows:

$jobfilename = "//stdmfps01/inter-departements$/CVSC-CDT-Estimation-Cedule/" .$job . ".xml"; if (file_exists($jobfilename)) { $jobxml = simplexml_load_file($jobfilename); etc...

I have been assured that it is not a problem of rights, and anyway the error indicates a problem with open_basedir. So my questions are:

<ol><li>does open_basedir handle UNC paths under Windows (I have seen conflicting statements about this)?</li> <li>if so is there some problem with my syntax?</li> <li>do I have other options than using open_basedir?</li> </ol>



Anyway, here's what ended up working for me, even if I am not totally clear why:

In php.ini changed the open_basedir parameter to use the IP address instead of the server name, and used the parent directory of the directory where my files are located, instead of the directory itself:


instead of:


In the PHP script used the IP address as well:

$jobfile = "//nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn/inter-departements$/CVSC-CDT-Estimation-Cedule/" . ($jobid) . ".xml";


This worked for me: Replace the backslashes with slashes

open_basedir = "E:\inetpub\;E:\DB_HubDataFiles\;//stdmfps01/inter-departements$/CVSC-CDT-Estimation-Cedule/"


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