How to check if geocode is close to or on path defined in a KML LineString with PHP or MySQL


I have a KML file defining several paths/routes (representing actual roads) enclosed in the <LineString><coordinates></coordinates></LineString> tags. Parsing the file to other formats (arrays/MySQL) is already in place, so that's not a problem.

Given a point (longitude/latitude) I would like to be able to check if the point is on or close to (within a few meters) one of the routes in the KML file. I've been looking for a solution in PHP, but I haven't been able to find one - and I'm not really sure, what I'm looking for. This does however seem to me like a common problem, so I suspect someone already solved the problem. Does anybody know of a solution? ;)

Thanks in advance!


You need to break this down into two problems:

<ul><li>Generate a set of polygons from each section of your path.</li> <li>Do a simple point in polygon test on the above polygons.</li> </ul>

There should be some php out there to accomplish those two tasks.


pnpoly is actually quite fast if done correctly. I wrote a check against many hundreds of thousands of polygon vertices in MySQL <em>well</em> under second processing. Pulling the data into PHP and performing the pnpoly loop there can do it in not a whole lot more time.

Post the code you're using?


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