Stata: combining regression results with other results


I am trying to replicate some results from a study. therefore often i need to compare my regression results with results from the study that i'm trying to replicate. I have been manually combining my esttab results with the study results in excel. this however is tedious since i'm working with lot of variables. I was wondering whether there is a way to store the study results and then calling them to go next to my regression results. I tried storing them as scalars and calling them using estout however this puts the stored scalars below the regression results. i would prefer to have them side by side as another column.


Reference study results are

var b x 2.1 z 4.2

I entered these into Stata

estadd scalar x=2.1 estadd scalar z=4.2

My regression is

eststore: reg y x z estout, stats(x,z)

but when i do this i get a table like this

var b my reg x 5.3 my reg z 2.3 scalar x 2.1 scalar z 4.2

But I would want the results like this

var b scalar b my reg x 5.3 2.1 my reg z 2.3 4.2


The following might help. Find comments inline.

clear set more off *----- example data ----- sysuse auto keep price weight mpg *----- what you want ----- //regress and store reg price weight mpg eststo m1 // create matrix of "scalars" matrix w = (2.1 , 2.4 , 3.2) // rename matrix columns to coincide with those of regression mat colnames w = weight mpg _cons // add estadd matrix w // print estout m1, cells("b w")


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