Android ViewPager skip page animation


I have a ViewPager with multiple Fragments.

I would like to skip some of the pages inside it. I have done the logic for it. It looks like this:

protected List<Fragment> pages; public void nextSlide() { int currentItem = getPager().getCurrentItem(); int pagesCount = mPagerAdapter.getCount(); while (++currentItem < pagesCount) { Fragment page = pages.get(currentItem); if (page.isEnabled()) { break; } } if (currentItem < pagesCount) { getPager().setCurrentItem(currentItem); } }

But I have problem with animation between 2 pages (with one or more skipped between that). It 'slides' to the proper page, but the animation skips through all 'disabled' pages.

How to handle that, to remove disabled pages from this animation?



there is a setCurrentItems(int,boolean) that has the page number and weather to smooth scroll (animate) or not


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