Executing Workflow using AWS SWF Cron


I want to execute my workflow at a specified time daily(say at 10 am JST) using AWS SWF cron. In the sample program in AWS SDK I find that activities can be scheduled using SWF cron. But how to schedule a workflow using AWS SWF cron. I am very much new to this SWF cron. Any suggestion is highly appreciated

<strong>Activities Class:</strong>

public class SampleActivitiesImpl implements SampleActivities{ @Override public Integer testAct1() { System.out.println("Activity 1 ---->Start"); return 1; } @Override public Integer testAct2() { System.out.println("Activity 2 ---->Start"); return 1; } }

<strong>Workflow Class:</strong>

public class MyWorkflowImpl implements MyWorkflow{ private SampleActivitiesClient client = new SampleActivitiesClientImpl(); @Override public void executeActivity() { client.testAct1(); client.testAct2(); } }


You don't schedule the cron workflow as it should be always running. BTW your sample code is just going to execute both activities in parallel without any scheduling.


Look into scheduled events in Lambda. Will be the easiest way to achieve that.


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