Properly removing elements from linked-list? Memory errors with pointers


I'm implementing a hashtable that has a remove_entry function as well as a clear_table function. Right now I'm getting memory read errors pertaining to the remove_entry function. And help would be greatly appreciated

These are my structures:

typedef struct bucket { char *key; void *value; struct bucket *next; } Bucket; typedef struct { int key_count; int table_size; void (*free_value)(void *); Bucket **buckets; } Table;

Here's my function:

int remove_entry(Table * table, const char *key){ unsigned int hc = 0; Bucket *curr_b; Bucket *next_b; if(table == NULL || key == NULL){ return FAIL; } else { hc = hash_code(key)%(table->table_size); if(table->buckets[hc] != NULL){ curr_b = table->buckets[hc]; /*Check the buckets in linked list*/ while(curr_b != NULL){ next_b = curr_b->next; if(strcmp(curr_b->key,key) == 0){ free(curr_b->key); if(table->free_value != NULL){ table->free_value(curr_b->value); } free(curr_b); curr_b = NULL; table->key_count--; return SUCC; } else { curr_b = next_b; } } return FAIL; } return FAIL; } }

The memory leaks come after removing an entry, and trying to read the table after. I don't think I removed things right.

Memory errors:

Can't figure out how to copy/paste from terminal, so they all say things like

Invalid read of size __ Address ____ is __ bytes inside a block of size ___ free'd


You need to consider the case where table->buckets[hc] is the bucket you free.

Right before free(curr_b->key); add:

if(curr_b == table->buckets[hc]) { table->buckets[hc] = next_b; }

As it is now, you free a bucket, but table->buckets[hc] still points to it. So the next time you read it you are reading free'ed memory. Thus the error.

Also, you need to keep track of the <em>previous</em> bucket so you can point the previous bucket to the next bucket when you remove a bucket.


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