Join Multiple tables in oracle sql


im new to SQL and want to know how to replace the below code with SQL joins.

I want to list all information based on p_id ='123'.

select p.p_name,c.c_name,s.s_name,s.s_contact,b.b_name,b.b_contact from product p, category c, seller s, buyer b where p.p_id="123" and c.p_id="123" and s.p_id="123" and b.p_id="123";

Tables used

<strong>Product Table</strong>

p_id p_name

<strong>Category Table</strong>

p_id c_id c_name

<strong>Seller Table</strong>

p_id s_id s_name s_contact

<strong>Buyer Table</strong>

p_id b_id b_name b_contact



This is the query using join:

select p.p_name,c.c_name,s.s_name,s.s_contact,b.b_name,b.b_contact from product p join buyer b on p.p_id = b.p_id and <second condition> join category c on p.p_id = c.p_id join seller s on c.p_id = s.p_id where p.p_id="123" ;


Try joining all the table with your criteria as below:

SELECT p.p_name,c.c_name,s.s_name,s.s_contact,b.b_name,b.b_contact FROM product p INNER JOIN category c ON p.p_id = c.p_id INNER JOIN seller s ON p.p_id = s.p_id INNER JOIN buyer b ON p.p_id = b.p_id WHERE p.p_id='123';


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