Read the files at the spesific commit with libgit2sharp


There is a bare repository, I have a commit id, and want to read all the files at that commit without cloning.

This repository.Lookup<Tree>(repository.Commits.First().Tree.Sha) code give me only the files that are in the commit but I want also other files that exists at that level.

How to do that?


My understanding of your question is that you're willing to access the whole content of a commit, not only the first level of the commit. The code below will work against a bare (or a standard) repository and will allow one to recursively access and examine the content of a commit.

In order to make it easier for you to test drive it, it dumps information (git object meta data along with blob content) in the console output.

RecursivelyDumpTreeContent(repo, "", commit.Tree); [...] private void RecursivelyDumpTreeContent(IRepository repo, string prefix, Tree tree) { foreach (var treeEntry in tree) { var path = prefix + treeEntry.Name; var gitObject = treeEntry.Target; var meta = repo.ObjectDatabase.RetrieveObjectMetadata(gitObject.Id); Console.WriteLine("{0}\t{1}\t{2}\t{3}\t{4}", gitObject.Id, treeEntry.Mode, treeEntry.TargetType, meta.Size, path); if (treeEntry.TargetType == TreeEntryTargetType.Tree) { RecursivelyDumpTreeContent(repo, path + "/", (Tree)gitObject); } if (treeEntry.TargetType == TreeEntryTargetType.Blob) { Console.WriteLine((((Blob)gitObject).GetContentText())); } } }

Would you precisely know the path of a specific file you'd like to access, use the indexer exposed by the Commit type in order to directly access the GitObject you're after.

For instance:

var blob = commit["path/to/my/file.txt"].Target as Blob;


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