IE8 knockout error - Unable to process binding


I have a viewmodel like this,

var sectorViewModel = function() { this.currentValue = ko.observable(); this.previousValue = ko.observable(); .... this.maxValue = ko.computed(function() { return Math.max(this.currentValue(), this.previousValue(), ...); }, this); } ko.applyBinding(sectorVM, document.getElementById("divSector");

And this is the html snippet where I am doing the data-bind,

<div id="divSector"> ... <div class="bar" data-bind="style: {width: (currentValue()*100)/maxValue() + '%'}"></div> ... </div>

Works fine in all browsers except for IE8. In IE8 I see this error in dev tool -

Invalid argument. Unable to process binding "style: function() {return..."

Any idea how can I get this to work in IE8?



Investigate the exact result that gets returned from your computed.

According to the following:

<a href="https://github.com/knockout/knockout/issues/525" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/knockout/knockout/issues/525</a>

The newer browsers probably handle a result such as xx.asmanydecimalplacesrequired% but may not be compatible with IE8. You should make sure the returned value is a compatible width style property for IE8 - e.g. trim it to 2 decimal places - that's the first thing I would try.

Let me know if this helps, because I'm totally figuring this out via research, and don't forget to vote up if that's the case ;P


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