Hide automatically generated CTest targets


I'm using CMake and CTest in CLion. Annoyingly, CTest generates a load of targets that I don't care about:

<ul><li>Continuous</li> <li>ContinuousBuild</li> <li>ContinuousConfigure</li> <li>ContinuousCoverage</li> <li>ContinuousMemCheck</li> <li>ContinuousStart</li> <li>ContinuousSubmit</li> <li>ContinuousTest</li> <li>ContinuousUpdate</li> <li>Experimental</li> <li>ExperimentalBuild</li> <li>ExperimentalConfigure</li> <li>ExperimentalCoverage</li> <li>ExperimentalMemCheck</li> <li>ExperimentalStart</li> <li>ExperimentalSubmit</li> <li>ExperimentalTest</li> <li>ExperimentalUpdate</li> <li>Nightly</li> <li>NightlyBuild</li> <li>NightlyConfigure</li> <li>NightlyCoverage</li> <li>NightlyMemCheck</li> <li>NightlyStart</li> <li>NightlySubmit</li> <li>NightlyTest</li> <li>NightlyUpdate</li> </ul>

These all show up in CLion. Quite annoying as I'm sure you'll agree. Is there solution to remove them? I'm open to any solution:

<ol><li>Get CTest to not generate them in the first place.</li> <li>Delete the targets after CTest has created them.</li> <li>A setting in CLion to hide them.</li> </ol>


Unless you are using CDash, the solution is very simple.

In your CMakefile replace





A possible solution that I'm not sure works 100% is to go to Run->Edit Configurations... in CLion and simply delete all the targets you don't want.

This seems to survive reloading the CMake configuration, and make clean.


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