Links to network drive doesn't work in standalone Tomcat, but works in Eclipse+Tomcat


I'm trying to create hyperlinks to open files from network drive G: (more details <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32970810/open-file-from-network-drive" rel="nofollow">here</a>). G: is mapped as network drive.

<ul><li>When I deploy the WAR on Tomcat server integrated to Eclipse, <strong>it works</strong>.</li> <li>When I deploy it on the same but standalone Tomcat itself, <strong>it doesn't work</strong></li> </ul>

I've tried:

<ul><li>Run Tomcat as Domain Admin, which has an access to the location, but <strong>without success</strong>. </li> <li>Run it as Local user, but check the box Allow service to interact with desktop. Also <strong>without success</strong>.</li> </ul>

What's the difference in access between integrated Tomcat and Tomcat itself?


<ul><li>Case Eclipse + Tomcat: Path G:/test_dir/test.txt <strong>works</strong> </li> <li>Case Standalone Tomcat: Path \\\\server\\g\\test_dir\\test.txt <strong>works</strong> </li> </ul>


It is possible that you cannot access shared network drive because account that runs standalone Tomcat does not have enough privileges.

I had a similar issue (running Tomcat as a Windows service) that couldn't access shared network drive because service was running with local admin account that didn't have access to shared network drive.

Since you are on Windows, try running Tomcat as a domain user that has access to a network drive.



<ul><li>Case Eclipse + Tomcat: Path G:/test_dir/test.txt works</li> <li>Case Standalone Tomcat: Path \\\\server\\g\\test_dir\\test.txt works</li> </ul>


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