Configure keep alive to keep connection alive all the time


I have a tcp client-server application where the client opens a connection which is for single use and disconnects after configured time. How can I configure it keep the connection alive all the time, reconnect on closed connection and ensure multiple clients connections are open to the server.

<strong>Client config:</strong>

<int-ip:tcp-connection-factory id="client" type="client" host="${server.TCP.host}" port="${server.TCP.port}" single-use="true" so-timeout="${client.TCP.socketTimeOut}" /> <int-ip:tcp-outbound-gateway id="outGateway" request-channel="bytesOut" reply-channel="bytesIn" connection-factory="client" request-timeout="${client.TCP.requestTimeOut}" reply-timeout="${client.TCP.replyTimeout}" />

<strong>Server config:</strong>

<int-ip:tcp-connection-factory id="tcpServerConnFactory" type="server" port="${service.tcp.port}" using-nio="true" single-use="false" so-timeout="${service.tcp.socketTimeout}" task-executor="taskExecutor"/> <int-ip:tcp-inbound-gateway id="tcpInboundGateway" connection-factory="tcpServerConnFactory" request-channel="bytesInChannel" reply-channel="bytesOutChannel" error-channel="errorChannel" />


Single use on the client side means exactly that - each socket is used for one request/reply then closed.

When single-use="false", one shared connection is used for all requests/replies - and each caller blocks waiting for the socket.

You can use a 'CachingClientConnectionFactory` to maintain a pool of permanent connections - see <a href="https://docs.spring.io/spring-integration/reference/html/ip.html#caching-cf" rel="nofollow">the documentation</a>.


As noted above, TCP sockets can be single-use (one request/response) or shared. Shared sockets do not perform well with outbound gateways, in high-volume environments, because the socket can only process one request/response at a time.

To improve performance, users could use collaborating channel adapters instead of gateways, but that requires application-level message correlation. See Section 31.8, “TCP Message Correlation” for more information.

Spring Integration 2.2 introduced a caching client connection factory, where a pool of shared sockets is used, allowing a gateway to process multiple concurrent requests with a pool of shared connections.


The upcoming 5.0 release - currently at milestone 7 (5.0.0.M7). Has a <a href="https://docs.spring.io/spring-integration/docs/5.0.0.M7/reference/html/ip.html#tcp-affinity-cf" rel="nofollow">Thread Affinity Connection Factory</a> which keeps a connection open per calling thread.


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