How to pass data to a PartialView in my layout?


I have a _layout.cshtml containing this row:


Now I want to pass in a model into this RenderPartial-function. This model can be read from my repository.

How and where(in code) can this be done?



RenderPartial has an overload that can take an object to send it to the partial view. Don't forget to define your @model at the top of your partialview to work with the right object type.


Extra info: <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.mvc.html.renderpartialextensions.renderpartial.aspx" rel="nofollow">MSDN</a>

<strong>Edit after comment:</strong>

I think it would be easier to create a MenuController that takes in the repository. Then let it create a view which takes in the required repository as it's model, then with a foreach render every menu-item as actionlinks, passing the menu info to it.

So you would have this in your _layout.cshtml:

<div id="Menu"> @{Html.RenderAction("Menu", "Menu");} </div>

This in your MenuController:

public class MenuController : Controller { private IMenuRepository _repository; public MenuController(IMenuRepository repo) { _repository = repo; } // // GET: /Menu/ public PartialViewResult Menu(string menu = null) { ViewBag.SelectedMenu = menu; IEnumerable<MenuInfoObject> menus= _repository.Menus; return PartialView(menus); } }

And your MenuView:

@model IEnumerable<MenuInfoObject> @{ Layout = null; } @foreach (var item in Model) { @Html.RouteLink(item.MenuName, new { controller = item.ControllerInfo, action = item.ActionInfo, }, new { @class = item.Menu == ViewBag.SelectedMenu ? "selected" : null }) }

Would that be any closer to a solution?


There is another solution as well to pass data to a partial view in Layout. You can simply add this in your _Layout.cshtml file


And in your Controller :

[ChildActionOnly] public ActionResult ActionName() { var model = new YourModel(); return PartialView(model); }

The ChildActionOnly attribute ensures that an action method can be called only as a child method. This action will render the corresponding partial view with model in Layout.


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