Range field in Android Plot (0.6.1.) is not showing the entire number


I create a simple xyseries with a boundary and set the mode to AUTO.

The range of values I set is between 103 and 107. I am getting constant updates between these values and can I redraw the plot when it goes over size=20.

The Y axis seems to only take two digits and not the entre number. This is the code.

plot.setRangeBoundaries(0, 200.0, BoundaryMode.AUTO); plot.setDomainBoundaries(0, 20, BoundaryMode.AUTO);

In the graph I am seeing the following on the Y axis and X axis with the dynamic graph. The Y axis should start from 103.0 to 107.0 but seems they are getting truncated.

07.0<br /> 05.7<br /> 04.3<br /> 03.0<br />       0.0 2.2 4.4 6.7 8.9 11.1 13.3 15.6 17.8 20.0

My question is: <br /> 1. Y axis value is truncated on the first digit. They should be 103.0 to 107.0 but they are 03.0 to 07.0. <br /> 2. Is there a way to set the Y axis to a whole number?


The missing digit(s) are most likely getting clipped by the graphWidget's margin. Try giving it more room by adding this to your XYPlot's xml config:


As far as setting the Y axis to a whole number - sure you can. <a href="http://androidplot.com/docs/using-axis-value-labels/" rel="nofollow">This doc</a> explains what's going on. What you're probably wanting to do can be accomplished by adding this to your Activity's onCreate() method:

plot.setRangeStep(XYStepMode.INCREMENT_BY_VAL, 1);


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