Convert to Text Format In Excel


I'm extracting some data from AS400 using excel macro. In the AS400, this particular column (Ref), shows 20100729000078154 but when I extracted it to excel, it will be 2.01007E+16. I need to hv 20100729000078154 as my final output. This is the macro that I used to extract the info from AS400 :-

Sub Extract() Dim StrSQl As String FromA = Format(Sheet1.Range("B3")) FromB = Format(Sheet1.Range("B4")) FromC = Format(Sheet1.Range("B5")) FromD = Format(Sheet1.Range("B6")) StrSQl = "select Cno,Itno,Ref from test " StrSQl = StrSQl & " where Cno= " & FromA & " and Itno like " & FromB & " and " StrSQl = StrSQl & " Ref >= " & FromC & " and Ref <= " & FromD & " " StrSQl = StrSQl & " order by Cno " con = "Provider=IBMDA400;Data Source=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;User Id=yyyyy;Password=zzzzz" Set Db = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.recordset") Db.ConnectionString = con Db.Open rs.Open StrSQl, Db, 3, 3 Sheet2.Cells(1, 1).CopyFromRecordset rs rs.Close Set rs = Nothing Set cn = Nothing End Sub


You can prefix an apostrophe if you're just wanting the column to display as text, something like (assuming a single apostrophe literal can be expressed as '' in iSeries SQL)...

StrSQl = "select Cno,Itno,CONCAT('''',Ref) as Ref from test "


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