Can someone make this a single query?


So I was just searching how to do an "INSERT INTO" query and found this:

sql="INSERT INTO Customers (ID,firstName," sql=sql & "lastName)" sql=sql & " VALUES " sql=sql & "('" & Request.Form("id") & "'," sql=sql & "'" & Request.Form("firstname") & "'," sql=sql & "'" & Request.Form("lastname") & "')"

I know it works but I want to make it a single query without all the sql=sql's


You took the route of a quick hack as stated in your comments by doing rhis:

sql="INSERT INTO Customers (ID,firstName,lastName) VALUES ('" & Request.Form("id") & "','" & Request.Form("fistname") & "','" & Request.Form("lastname") & "')"

Let me persist in stating that to prevent several issues (sql injection being one of them) you could leverage the use of paramterized queries.<br /> I assume you have an ADO command somewhere after your sql statement. It is much safer if you use command parameters to send parameters from the website to the query.

command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Customers (ID,firstName,lastName) VALUES (?,?,?)" Set param = command.CreateParameter ("id", adInteger, adParamInput) param.value = Request.Form("id") command.Parameters.Append param Set param2 = command.CreateParameter ("firstname", adVarWChar, adParamInput, 50) param2.value = Request.Form("firstname") command.Parameters.Append param2 Set param3 = command.CreateParameter ("lastname", adVarWChar, adParamInput, 50) param3.value = Request.Form("lastname") command.Parameters.Append param3 command.Execute

Have a look at <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms675101%28v=vs.85%29.aspx" rel="nofollow">Command Object Parameters</a> for more background.


You can do like this:

string sql = string.Format("INSERT INTO Customers(Id,FirstName,LastName) VALUES({0},'{1}','{2}')", param0, param1, param2);

It Works! But be careful this way have SQL Injection issues.


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