KnockoutJS Required / Disabled attributes not removed


So I have a knockout prototype where you add inputs dynamically and then set each of their own settings. Think of its as a form builder is such. However, I noticed that disabled and required doesn't work that great. It sets the value to disabled or required but when I turn it into false it still remains on the element without its state, causing it to still function. Please can anyone help or give guidance.


<div class="leftpanel"> <div class="input-row" data-bind="foreach: inputItems"> <div class="input-row-item"> <div class="input-item"> <label data-bind="text: label"></label> <input data-bind="attr:{ name: name, placeholder: placeholder, disabled: disabled, value: value, type: type }"> </div> <div class="input-settings"> <input type="text" class="nb-remove" data-bind="value: label" placeholder="input label"> <input type="text" value="text" class="nb-remove" data-bind="value: type" placeholder="input type"> <input type="text" class="nb-remove" data-bind="value: name" placeholder="input name"> <input type="text" class="nb-remove" data-bind="value: placeholder" placeholder="input placeholder"> <input type="text" class="nb-remove" data-bind="value: disabled" placeholder="input disabled"> <input type="text" class="nb-remove" data-bind="value: value" placeholder="input value"> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="rightpanel"> Here be draggables! <br/> <button data-bind="click: addInput">ADD TEXT INPUT</button> </div>

The JS

$(function(){ var InputItem = function InputItem(label, type, name, placeholder, disabled, value) { this.label = ko.observable(label); this.type = ko.observable(type); this.name = ko.observable(name); this.placeholder = ko.observable(placeholder); this.disabled = ko.observable(disabled); this.value = ko.observable(value); } var ViewModel = function ViewModel() { var that = this; this.inputItems = ko.observableArray([]); this.addInput = function addInput() { that.inputItems.push(new InputItem()); }; } ko.applyBindings(new ViewModel()); });


You better use Knockout's own built-in <a href="http://knockoutjs.com/documentation/disable-binding.html" rel="nofollow">disable</a> binding-handler:

<input data-bind="disable: disabled, attr: { name: name, placeholder: placeholder, value: value, type: type }" />

See <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/btod04xe/" rel="nofollow">Fiddle</a>

Alternatively, you can check for explicit 'truthfulness' in your condition so that Knockout will remove the attribute if the condition is not met. For example:

<input data-bind="attr: { disabled: disabled() === 'true', ...}" />

See this <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/btod04xe/2/" rel="nofollow">Fiddle</a> (type 'true' in the 'disabled' input to activate disabled).


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