HTML5 Canvas Image Moving Flickering


In canvas, there is a image, which moves on events of arrow keys. But it flickers in firefox and works fine on chrome and ie.

I don't want a solution like to clear only the portion of canvas, because I have other things added in canvas too.

Below is my code:

var velY = 0, velX = 0, speed = 2, friction = 0.90, keys = [], canvas = document.getElementById("canvas"), ctx = canvas.getContext("2d"), playerDirection="img/player/player_back.png"; function update() { if (keys[38]) { if (velY > -speed) { velY--; playerDirection="img/player/player_back.png"; } } if (keys[40]) { if (velY < speed) { velY++; playerDirection="img/player/player_front.png"; } } if (keys[39]) { if (velX < speed) { velX++; playerDirection="img/player/player_right.png"; } } if (keys[37]) { if (velX > -speed) { velX--; playerDirection="img/player/player_left.png"; } } velY *= friction; y += velY; velX *= friction; x += velX; if (x >= canvas.width - player.width) { x = canvas.width - player.width; } else if (x <= 5) { x = 5; } if (y > canvas.height - player.height) { y = canvas.height - player.height; } else if (y <= 5) { y = 5; } ctx.clearRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height); playerObj = new Image(); playerObj.onload = function() { ctx.drawImage(playerObj, x, y); }; playerObj.src = playerDirection; } update(); function handlerKeyDown(e) { keys[e.keyCode] = true; } function handlerKeyUp(e) { keys[e.keyCode] = false; }

Thanks in adavance.


This is what I meant with "caching the images":

var images = {}; // This will contain the Image objects // Other definitions... function update() { if (keys[38]) { if (!images.back) { // The image object hasn't been defined yet. images.back = new Image(); images.back.src = "img/player/player_back.png"; } playerObj = images.back; } // Other checks on the pressed keys // ... // Computations on the position... if (!playerObj.naturalWidth) { // If naturalWidth/Height is 0, then the image hasn't been loaded yet. // We update the onload listener to draw in the right position. playerObj.onload = function() { ctx.drawImage(playerObj, x, y); }; // The image has already been loaded, so we just draw it } else ctx.drawImage(playerObj, x, y); }

(As an warning on your code, it seems that you want to handle multiple pressed keys, but the last one in the sequence up-down-right-left always "wins" over the others. Is that really what you want?)


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