How to divide 3D matrix into bunches of 2D matrix with opencv C++


I have a, for example, 4*5*6 3D matrix. I would like to divide it into 6 2D matrix. The purpose is to make data operation on these 2D matrix and get results. Tried row(), rowRange(), I got errors. No clues right now. Anyone throw any better ideas? Thanks~


Remember that last index varies fastest, so maybe you mean you have a 6*5*4 Mat and would like to divide it into six 5x4 Mats. According to the <a href="http://docs.opencv.org/modules/core/doc/basic_structures.html#mat" rel="nofollow">documentation</a> "3-dimensional matrices are stored plane-by-plane".

However, assuming your 3D Mat was created like this:

int dims[] = {4, 5, 6}; Mat m3(3, dims, CV_8UC1, data);

You can do something like this to do what you asked (but possibly not what you actually want):

Mat m2(4, 30, CV_8UC1, m3.data); Mat m2x6 = m2.reshape(6); std::vector<cv::Mat> channels; cv::split(m2x6, channels);

However, to get out 4 images from m3 that have 5 rows x 6 cols:

Mat p0(5, 6, CV_8UC1, m3.data + m3.step[0] * 0); Mat p1(5, 6, CV_8UC1, m3.data + m3.step[0] * 1); Mat p2(5, 6, CV_8UC1, m3.data + m3.step[0] * 2); Mat p3(5, 6, CV_8UC1, m3.data + m3.step[0] * 3);

Because support for 3D Mats in OpenCV is not great, avoid using them if you can. An alternative would be to use a 2D Mat that has multiple channels. That is often much easier to handle.


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