Sorting ngTable doesn't work when heading gets clicked


I'm currently working on a table that requires some sorting. Since the project is using Angular (v1.2.12) I started using the <a href="http://bazalt-cms.com/ng-table/" rel="nofollow">ngTable</a> module (v0.3.2).

The default sorting is the title but the year can also be used as sorting option. When I load the page it works fine, but when I click a table heading the clicked column gets sorted but the sorting is not reflected in the header, also the sorting param is no longer set.

When I start debugging I see that the params.sorting() returns: <em>{title: undefined}</em> From that moment it also is no longer possible to click on a sortable header, it just doesn't do anything anymore.

I think I'm missing something, can't seem to find what though

My data is as follows:

[{ "year": 2014, "title": "Golden title" }, { "year": 2013, "title": "Golden title" }, { "year": 2013, "title": "Another title" }, { "year": 2014, "title": "Whetshoverwerd xsade aas" }, { "year": 2013, "title": "Another brilliant title" }, { "year": 2013, "title": "Wherever I may SOAP" }]

The view:

<table ng-table="tableParams" class="table"> <tbody> <tr ng-repeat="document in $data"> <td data-title="'Year'" sortable="'year'">{{document.year}}</td> <td data-title="'Title'" sortable="'title'"><a href="#">{{document.title}}</a></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

The view is a directive,

angular.module('appDirectives').directive('myModuleDirective', function () { // Runs during compile return { restrict: 'E', templateUrl: 'path/to/view.html', replace: true, controller: function ($scope, $timeout, $filter, TitleList, ngTableParams) { $scope.tableParams = new ngTableParams({ page: 1, // show first page count: 10, // count per page sorting: { title: 'asc' // initial sorting } }, { total: 0, // length of data getData: function ($defer, params) { TitleList.get({}, function (data) { var orderedData = params.sorting() ? $filter('orderBy')(data, params.orderBy()) : data; params.total(orderedData.length); orderedData = orderedData.slice((params.page() - 1) * params.count(), params.page() * params.count()); $defer.resolve(orderedData); }); } }); } };


The issue is not yet clear to me however, the examples at ngTable use v0.3.1 and I use v0.3.2. The issue was solved by starting to use the older version.


I've had this issue too, there might be some bugs in v0.3.2

I fixed this one by replacing line 502 in the ng-table code with this line:

var sortingParams = (event && (event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey)) ? $scope.params.sorting() : {};

I'm not sure this is the right fix (not sure why 'event' was undefined) but it fixed the problem for me. So please don't take this as a proper solution, it's just my 2 pence.


I've had this issue, it was a response format issue.<br /> The issue was because, I was returning an object instead of an array, ex:

Bad format:

{ "data": { "items": { "0": { "post_id": "26", "post_date": "2015-06-24 00:00:00"

Good Format:

{ "data": { "items": [ { "id": "26", "create_date": "2015-02-19 14:15:44",

The table works with an object as well, but NOT all of the functions.


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