Android NDK: Warning: There are no modules to build in this project


I'm new in NDK development and I'm currently facing a problem, when I try to invoke the ndk build tool from cygwin terminal:

Android NDK: WARNING: There are no modules to build in this project!

I’m under windows (x64) and I use the r10d (64-bit) NDK. I try to invoke it from the root of my project that contains a jni folder with a simple .c file and an Android.mk:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir) include $(CLEAR_VARS) # Here we give our module name and source file(s) LOCAL_MODULE := mycfile LOCAL_SRC_FILES := mycfile.c APP_PLATFORM := android-19

Thank you for your help !


your <em>Android.mk</em> file is missing the macro that tells the ndk to actually build a module. Add this to the end of your file:


Btw, APP_PLATFORM variable has to be put inside <em>Application.mk</em> instead of <em>Android.mk</em>.


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