Event listener on non-DOM elements


I'm trying to implement a little MVC framework and now I'm implementing the view-model binder, I mean, when the model changes, trigger a refresh/render/whatever on the model. So, I need an event listener on a object:

model.on("customEvent",appendItem); $("#button").on("click",function(){ model.add(item); model.trigger("customEvent"); }); function appendItem(item) { $("#content").append(item.toHTML()); }

So how can I create my event listener on objects?


If you are already using jQuery, you can use its built-in event handling facilities.

It's a little known fact that you can also put any kind of Javascript objects into a jQuery collection, not just DOM elements. Then you can use a limited set of jQuery methods (.data(), .prop(), .on(), .off(), .trigger() and .triggerHandler()) on these objects.

//create the model - it can be any kind of object var model = {}; //pass it to the jQuery function and you have a jQuery collection //you can put an event handler on the object $(model).on('customEvent', function () { console.log('hehe'); }); //and trigger it $(model).trigger('customEvent'); <ul><li>Read more <a href="http://api.jquery.com/jquery/#working-with-plain-objects" rel="nofollow">in the Manual</a></li> <li>Try the <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/VBd72/" rel="nofollow">Demo</a></li> </ul>


For those who are not using jQuery and are interested in wiring their own stuf, here's how you may achieve similar aim:

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">/** * EventfulObject constructor/base. * @type EventfulObject_L7.EventfulObjectConstructor|Function */ var EventfulObject = function() { /** * Map from event name to a list of subscribers. * @type Object */ var event = {}; /** * List of all instances of the EventfulObject type. * @type Array */ var instances = []; /** * @returns {EventfulObject_L1.EventfulObjectConstructor} An `EventfulObject`. */ var EventfulObjectConstructor = function() { instances.push(this); }; EventfulObjectConstructor.prototype = { /** * Broadcasts an event of the given name. * All instances that wish to receive a broadcast must implement the `receiveBroadcast` method, the event that is being broadcast will be passed to the implementation. * @param {String} name Event name. * @returns {undefined} */ broadcast: function(name) { instances.forEach(function(instance) { (instance.hasOwnProperty("receiveBroadcast") && typeof instance["receiveBroadcast"] === "function") && instance["receiveBroadcast"](name); }); }, /** * Emits an event of the given name only to instances that are subscribed to it. * @param {String} name Event name. * @returns {undefined} */ emit: function(name) { event.hasOwnProperty(name) && event[name].forEach(function(subscription) { subscription.process.call(subscription.context); }); }, /** * Registers the given action as a listener to the named event. * This method will first create an event identified by the given name if one does not exist already. * @param {String} name Event name. * @param {Function} action Listener. * @returns {Function} A deregistration function for this listener. */ on: function(name, action) { event.hasOwnProperty(name) || (event[name] = []); event[name].push({ context: this, process: action }); var subscriptionIndex = event[name].length - 1; return function() { event[name].splice(subscriptionIndex, 1); }; } }; return EventfulObjectConstructor; }(); var Model = function(id) { EventfulObject.call(this); this.id = id; this.receiveBroadcast = function(name) { console.log("I smell another " + name + "; and I'm model " + this.id); }; }; Model.prototype = Object.create(EventfulObject.prototype); Model.prototype.constructor = Model; // ---------- TEST AND USAGE (hopefully it's clear enough...) // ---------- note: I'm not testing event deregistration. var ob1 = new EventfulObject(); ob1.on("crap", function() { console.log("Speaking about craps on a broadcast? - Count me out!"); }); var model1 = new Model(1); var model2 = new Model(2); model2.on("bust", function() { console.log("I'm model2 and I'm busting!"); }); var ob2 = new EventfulObject(); ob2.on("bust", function() { console.log("I'm ob2 - busted!!!"); }); ob2.receiveBroadcast = function() { console.log("If it zips, I'll catch it. - That's me ob2."); }; console.log("start:BROADCAST\n---------------"); model1.broadcast("crap"); console.log("end :BROADCAST\n---------------\n-\n-\n"); console.log("start:EMIT\n---------------"); ob1.emit("bust"); console.log("end:EMIT\n---------------"); <pre class="snippet-code-html lang-html prettyprint-override">




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