Manager isn't accessible via (…) instances


I have two tables namely Stuff and Boss. Based on the slug(user_type) from the user, I define which table is going to be used.

def Person_info(request,user_type): if user_type=="Staff": item=Staff() elif user_type=="Boss": item=Boss() .................

Then, I need to get the last id for item from its table.

But, I am having "Manager isn't accessible via Staff instances" When I try to get the last id of Staff table.

How can I bypass this problem ?


You are querying using the instance, which is incorrect.

Change your code as below:

def Person_info(request,user_type): if user_type=="Staff": # Note no () at the end, which makes the item an instance by instantiating it, not a class by assigning it item=Staff elif user_type=="Boss": item=Boss ....


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