jQuery: trying to create “slug”, target anchors


Creating a Slug

Title variable which holds name of the article "Article X".

$("div.article h2").each(function(){ var title = $(this).text();

Attempt to create slug with trim, lowercase, and replace methods

var slug = title.trim().toLowerCase().replace(" ", "_");

Attemp to Insert the Target Anchors

var target_anchor = "<a name='" + slug + "'/>";

This is where I got CONFUSED in the Instructions:

Then, on your own, use the append method to stick this inside the h2. Remember that self is a pure Javascript object and it doesn’t have an append method. Link to the Targets

We need to add links into the list_item. On your own, work with the var list_item= line to include a link tag where the href points to #article_x where article_x is the current slug.

How do I write this?

My attempt did not work:

var list_item = "<li>" + "<a href='#article_x'</a> " + slug + "</li>"


You should do

$("div.article h2").each(function(){ var title = $(this).text(); var slug = title.trim().toLowerCase().replace(" ", "_"); var list_item = "<li><a href='#"+slug+"'> " + title + "</a></li>"; $(this).prop('id', slug); $(WHERE_YOU_WANT_TO_APPEND_IT).append(list_item); }

Change WHERE_YOU_WANT_TO_APPEND_IT by your selector


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