JSF h:CommandButton don't work with f:ajax?


I am trying to submit a form with the following code but it doesn't populate the fields in the bean:

//input above <h:commandButton actionListener="#{transferenciaVagaBean.search()}" value="Search"> <f:ajax render="@form"/> </h:commandButton>

Althoug, if I change the component to:

//input above <a4j:commandButton actionListener="#{transferenciaVagaBean.search()}" value="Search" render="@form" />

It works perfect. Am I doing something wrong using h:commandButton?

I tried to change from actionListener to action since I had problems before with this, but it didn't work either way with h:commandButton.


By default, the f:ajax will only execute @this meaning it will only submit the action button, not any of the values of inputs in the form. Try this:

... <f:ajax execute='@form' render='@form' /> ...

See the <strong>execute</strong> section of the <a href="http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/javaserverfaces/2.1/docs/vdldocs/facelets/" rel="nofollow">javadoc</a>:


... If a literal is specified the ids must be space delimited. Any of the keywords "@this", "@form", "@all", "@none" may be specified in the id list. If not specified, the default value of "@this" is assumed. For example, @this clientIdOne clientIdTwo.



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