Symfony Match Route with Multiple Hosts


I know it is possible to filter a route by host, like this:

irc_backend.report.stacking_issue: path: /reports/stacking-issues host: backend.domain.com defaults: { _controller: IRCBackendBundle:Reports/Product/StackingIssueReport:index }

Is it possible to alter this configuration to match multiple domains? For example:

irc_backend.report.stacking_issue: path: /reports/stacking-issues host: backend.domain.com|dev.backend.domain.com defaults: { _controller: IRCBackendBundle:Reports/Product/StackingIssueReport:index }

I'm trying to avoid setting up 2 routes for every page.


You can try placeholders in your hostname with requirements (i.e.. <a href="http://symfony.com/doc/current/components/routing/hostname_pattern.html" rel="nofollow">Symfony Documentation</a>)

irc_backend.report.stacking_issue: path: /reports/stacking-issues host: "{mydomaines}" defaults: { _controller: IRCBackendBundle:Reports/Product/StackingIssueReport:index } requirements: mydomaines: backend.domain.com|dev.backend.domain.com


If you read the <a href="http://symfony.com/doc/current/components/routing/hostname_pattern.html" rel="nofollow">Symfony documentation</a>, you'd know that you need to use placeholders. For your code, it would be :

irc_backend.report.stacking_issue: path: /reports/stacking-issues host: "{subdomain}.domain.com" defaults: _controller: IRCBackendBundle:Reports/Product/StackingIssueReport:index subdomain: backend requirements: subdomain: backend|dev.backend

I hope it'll help you !


If you want your default subdomain to be the current one, you can use a parameter like this :

irc_backend.report.stacking_issue: path: /reports/stacking-issues host: "{subdomain}.domain.com" defaults: _controller: IRCBackendBundle:Reports/Product/StackingIssueReport:index subdomain: "%subdomain%" requirements: subdomain: backend|dev.backend

Then you will be able to define this parameter in an <a href="http://symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/doctrine/event_listeners_subscribers.html" rel="nofollow">Event listener</a> with this line of code :

$container->setParameter("subdomain", $your_subdomain);

P-S : Don't forget to add the Service container to your listener's dependencies


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