Accessing session between domain/subdomain. Local xampp installation


Thanks in advance.

I have a local installation of Xampp. My sites are setup as follows. I have my main domain i.e. 'domain' installatiopn directory: C:\xampp\htdocs\domain Within this i have a subdomain setup i.e. 'subdomain.domain' installation directory: C:\xampp\htdocs\domain\subdomain

The goal of this is to have a single sign on on the main domain site and be able to access the same session data when the user accesses the subdomain site (and thus not have to re-authenticate the user once they have logged into the domain portal site).

I create the session in my domain index.php as follows:

session_set_cookie_params(0, '/', '.3pccap'); session_name('mysessionname'); session_start();

Subdomain index.php

session_name('mysessionname'); session_start();

I've added a var_dump($_SESSION); on each index.php page to confirm what session data is available. Once I log into my main domain, the session if populated with the users data. I then navigate to my subdomain site which also runs a var_dump of the session variable. The variable is displaying as an empty array.

I have attempted setting the session cookie domain within my php.ini file, no change in behaviour.

Any assistance is most appreciated.


You need to make the Session cookie visible for your subdomain (thus, calling the session_set_cookie on <strong>both</strong>, your domain and your subdomain):

session_set_cookie_params (0, '/', '.domain.com'); session_name('mysessionname'); session_start(); <hr />

EDIT (From comments, which solved the issue)

A domain hostname should consist of two parts (even for local development), e.g. domain.local instead of domain


When COOKIES are set, there is a parameter that allows you to specify the PATH and DOMAIN, if you set the DOMAIN to "domain.com" and the PATH to "/" this will make the COOKIE available accross all subdomains, some old browsers require the DOMAIN to use a leading dot(.) ".domain.com"...

<a href="http://php.net/en/set_cookie" rel="nofollow">Checkout the params on this page</a>, session_set_cookie_params also has the DOMAIN and PATH arguments


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