Parse error. Function missing ending “)” CMAKE [duplicate]


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I wanted to extract a string from a header in an execute_process. But there is a bug with the command and I try a lot of things, always the same error.

execute_process( COMMAND cat $(version_h) | grep -a "define myVersion " | cut -d " " -f3 | cut -d '"' -f2`


If I write the command in the console line, there is no problem.

The error says: "Parse error. Function missing ending ")". Instead found unterminated string with text " "


execute_process() only deals with processes and their arguments, i.e. there is no shell involved.

So, you have two main options:

<ol><li>execute_process(COMMAND bash -c "..." OUTPUT_VARIABLE _Version)</li> <li>execute_process(COMMAND cat ... COMMAND grep ... COMMAND cut ... COMMAND cut ... OUTPUT_VARIABLE _Version)</li> </ol>

In the second version, the standard output and standard inputs of the commands chain together.

If you want to do anything more complex, you'll have to create a separate script and invoke it in a process-, not shell-, oriented way, i.e. option 1.


The problem was that I need to remove a quote character and I guess there is a confusion with Cmake and the bash command.

execute_process(COMMAND cat ... COMMAND grep ... COMMAND cut ... COMMAND cut -c2- COMMAND rev COMMAND cut -c2- COMMAND rev OUTPUT_VARIABLE _Version)


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