Split string in Oracle with regexp_substr in order


I have a string in Oracle database, my string is: 'bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc'

I used regexp for split my string:

select distinct trim(regexp_substr('bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc','[^;]+', 1,level) ) as q from dual connect by regexp_substr('bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc', '[^;]+', 1, level) is not null ;

I want to split it in order, I expected the below output always:

bbb aaa qqq ccc

because order of the subString are very important for me. but the result of this query is not in order:

qqq aaa bbb ccc


You don't need a DISTINCT to get your result; besides, to get the result in a given order, all you need is an ORDER BY clause:

select trim(regexp_substr('bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc','[^;]+', 1,level) ) as q from dual connect by regexp_substr('bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc', '[^;]+', 1, level) is not null order by level


If you do need DISTINCT:

WITH your_data( value ) AS ( SELECT 'bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc;aaa;eee' FROM DUAL ), positions ( string, lvl, start_pos, end_pos ) AS ( SELECT value, 1, 1, INSTR( value, ';', 1, 1 ) FROM your_data UNION ALL SELECT string, lvl + 1, end_pos + 1, INSTR( string, ';', 1, lvl + 1 ) FROM positions WHERE end_pos > 0 ), substrings ( string, substring, lvl, start_pos ) AS ( SELECT string, DECODE( end_pos, 0, SUBSTR( string, start_pos ), SUBSTR( string, start_pos, end_pos - start_pos ) ), lvl, start_pos FROM positions ) SELECT string, substring, lvl FROM substrings WHERE INSTR( ';' || string || ';', ';' || substring || ';' ) = start_pos;


STRING SUBSTRING LVL ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc;aaa;eee bbb 1 bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc;aaa;eee aaa 2 bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc;aaa;eee qqq 3 bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc;aaa;eee ccc 4 bbb;aaa;qqq;ccc;aaa;eee eee 6


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