can someone please put this in english for me PHP Cakephp


I'm sorry for being such a dumb ass. I'm following a tutorial to add admin routing to my cakephp application that I'm trying to create as a learning exercise.

The tutorial isn't hugely well explained (I think I'm just too much of a beginner in reality) and I don't understand the following, could anyone please tell me in english what is happening here.

public function isAuthorized() { $role = $this->Auth->user('role'); $neededRole = null; $prefix = !empty($this->params['prefix']) ? $this->params['prefix'] : null; if (!empty($prefix) && in_array($prefix, Configure::read('Routing.prefixes'))) { $neededRole = $prefix; } return (empty($neededRole) || strcasecmp($role, 'admin') == 0 || strcasecmp($role, $neededRole) == 0); }


where u have probelm???

u can debug one by one

// This method provides information of role about the currently authenticated user. $role = $this->Auth->user('role'); // you first check with var_dump($this->params['prefix']) and see the result /* * this line use ternary operator, its say $this->params['prefix'] is not empty * then set $prefix = $this->params['prefix'] otherwise set $prefix=null */ $prefix = !empty($this->params['prefix']) ? $this->params['prefix'] : null; /* *Now check the array *echo "<pre>"; * print_r(Configure::read('Routing.prefixes')); * echo "</pre>"; * now below line said if `$prefix` is not empty then search that `$prefix` * value in this array `Configure::read('Routing.prefixes')` and if it * exist in the array then set `$neededRole = $prefix; */ if (!empty($prefix) && in_array($prefix, Configure::read('Routing.prefixes'))) { $neededRole = $prefix; } /* below line say say that if $role == admin then return $role or return $neededRole */ return (empty($neededRole) || strcasecmp($role, 'admin') == 0 || strcasecmp($role, $neededRole)



<a href="http://php.net/manual/en/function.in-array.php" rel="nofollow">in_array</a>

</li> <li>

<a href="http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.comparison.php#language.operators.comparison.ternary" rel="nofollow">ternary Operator</a>

</li> </ul>

Happy To Help :)


public function isAuthorized() {

<strong>//fetches the current user's role (admin,user,editor,visitor,etc..)</strong><br /> $role = $this->Auth->user('role');<br /><strong>//assigns a null value</strong><br /> $neededRole = null;<br /><strong>//fetches the param for prefix and assigns to $prefix,if not found,assigns null</strong><br /> $prefix = !empty($this->params['prefix']) ? $this->params['prefix'] : null;<br /><strong>//if $prefix not null & if $prefix has route configured assign $prefix to $neededRole</strong><br /> if (!empty($prefix) && in_array($prefix, Configure::read('Routing.prefixes'))) { $neededRole = $prefix;<br /> } return (empty($neededRole) || strcasecmp($role, 'admin') == 0 || strcasecmp($role, $neededRole) == 0); }<br /><strong>//the rest i'm not too sure..</strong>


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