jQuery getJSON url


I am setting up a twitter feed into my site and have it working perfectly when you access it with a root page ie www.domain.com/index.php

However when you have a url that is www.domain.com/category/page it doesn't not work, however if you use www.domain.com/index.php?cat=category&page=page it works fine.

So in the javascript I have the following

jQuery(function() { jQuery.getJSON('cache/twitter-json.txt', function(data){ jQuery.each(data, function(index, item){ jQuery('#tweet').append('code for displaying tweet'); }); });

So I have tried to change the url in the getJSON function to the full path www.domain.com/cache/twitter-json.txt but that doesn't work.



jQuery.getJSON('/cache/twitter-json.txt', function(data){

Relative URLs are interpreted relative to the directory of the page containing the reference. So when you make the above call from www.domain.com/category/page, it tries to go to www.domain.com/category/cache/twitter-json.txt.

If you want to use the full URL, you need to put // before the hostname, e.g.

jQuery.getJSON('//www.domain.com/cache/twitter-json.txt', function(data){

Otherwise, it thinks www.domain.com/ is just another level of directory.



jQuery.getJSON('cache/twitter-json.txt', function(data){


jQuery.getJSON('/cache/twitter-json.txt', function(data){


Maybe it helps to set the base in your html

<base href="http://myserver/dir1/">


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