random element from array in c


How can I select a random element from a character array in c ?

For instance:

char *array[19]; array[0] = "Hi"; array[1] = "Hello";


I am looking for something like array[rand], where rand is the random integer number between o and the array's length(in this case 20) like 1, 2, 3 , 19 etc.


To start things off, since you have an array of strings, not of characters, you have to declare it as char* array[19];

Then, you can declare the following (always useful) macro

#define ARR_SIZE(arr) ( sizeof((arr)) / sizeof((arr[0])) )

Last, you can choose arr[rand() % ARR_SIZE(arr)] (while keeping in mind that performing % on rand() is <strong>not</strong> the proper way to do get a random number within a range.


int n = rand()%20; printf("%s\n", array[n]);


You can try array[rand() % ARRAY_LEN] but you are going to get a single char and not a char*

and when you are doing array[0] = "Hi"; it's not correct since you are assigning to a single char a char*

or turn your char array[20] into a char *array[20] and you can assign a string of characters


What you propose is the best solution there is - choose a random index and then use the element at this index. If your question is how to get a random integer, use the built-in function rand().


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