error C2079: 'room::goldC' uses undefined class 'goldContainer'


i'm trying to create a room which has a goldContainer <br /> The goldContainer is defined in a separate .h file. When i'm trying to compile it says


error C2079: 'room::goldC' uses undefined class 'goldContainer'


The class voor room:

#pragma once #include <SFML\Graphics.hpp> #include "screenSettings.h" #include "floorplanPatch.h" #include "floorplanPatchContainer.h" #include "enemyContainer.h" #include "goldContainer.h" class goldContainer; class room{ public: room(int themenr, floorplanPatchContainer &f); void draw(sf::RenderWindow &window); int getStartPoint(); int getEndPoint(); void addFloorplanPatch(int x, int y, int type, floorplanPatch *patch); bool isSolid(sf::Vector2f position); void addEnemy(); static const int FLOOR_TEXTURE1 = 0; static const int FLOOR_TEXTURE2 = 1; static const int FLOOR_TEXTURE3 = 2; static const int FLOOR_TEXTURE4 = 3; static const int WALL = 4; static const int OBSTACLE = 5; static const int COSMETIC = 6; int floorplan[xAs][yAs]; enemyContainer* getEnemyContainer(); void room::addEnemy(int health); private: enemyContainer ec; int startPoint = 1 + rand() % (yAs - 2); int endPoint = 1 + rand() % (yAs - 2); sf::RectangleShape rectangle{ sf::Vector2f{ tileSizeX, tileSizeY } }; sf::Texture wall; sf::Texture obstacle; sf::Texture floor1; sf::Texture floor2; sf::Texture floor3; sf::Texture floor4; sf::Texture cosmetic; void drawBackgroundTile(sf::RenderWindow &window, int i, int x, int y); goldContainer goldC; };

it has class goldContainer; on line 8 otherwise it generates error code 2146.

Could someone maybe explain how to solve this error and/or why this occurs.

#pragma once #include "gold.h" #include "sound.h" #include "player.h" class player; class room; class goldContainer{ public: goldContainer(); ~goldContainer(); void checkPickedUp(player &player); void draw(sf::RenderWindow &window); void addGold(int amount, sf::Vector2f position, sf::Vector2f size); void clearAllGold(); private: std::vector<gold* > goldDrops; sound goldPickup{ "sounds\\goldPickup.wav" }; };

I think it might be a circular depedency trough:<br />

^->goldContainer->player->roomContainer->room->| |<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< v


Let me show you the problem domain:

class Moon; class Sun { void Rotate(Moon); };

Now, you implement Sun::Rotate, without giving any class declaration (<strong>not</strong> forward declaration):

void Sun::Rotate(Moon m) // Error C2027 { }

What you can do:

<ul><li>Ensure that before Sun::Rotate gets into compilation phase, Moon is declared (i.e. known to compiler by now). You need not to implement any method of Moon, just declare. </li> </ul>


class Moon; class Sun { void Rotate(Moon); }; // Let it come by now class Moon { public: void PleaseRotate(); }; // Moon is known void Sun::Rotate(Moon m) { m.PleaseRotate(); // It need not to be implemented by now. }

Note that Moon::PleaseRotate definition would be resolved by linker, and hence its implementation is not needed <em>before</em> Sun::Rotate.


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