make a $.post before form action takes place


I have a form and when the user clicks the submit button I want to run a separate PHP script before the form-action (going to the next page) gets executed.

Of course I can stop the form-action with evt.preventDefault(); and then I can fire my jquery $.post call but then I cannot 'resume' or undo this preventDefault call, as far as I can see.

So what is the best way to execute a script that process some information after a user clicks the submit button BUT before the user gets redirected to the next page defined in the form action tag?

(Of course I could just carry over the data and perform whatever I want on the next page – but in this case, I would like to keep it separate).

Thanks for any suggestions!


You can try something like this:

var posted = false; $('form').on('submit', function(ev) { if ( ! posted ) { ev.preventDefault(); $.post(url).done(function() { posted = true; $('form').trigger('submit'); }); } posted = false; });

Or more succinct, using <a href="http://api.jquery.com/trigger/#example-3" rel="nofollow">extra parameters</a>:

$('form').on('submit', function(ev, posted) { if ( ! posted ) { ev.preventDefault(); $.post(url).done(function() { $('form').trigger('submit', [true]); }); } });



Your $.post call can be run synchronously, so the form would not submit until you've got a response from the server.

</li> <li>

You can submit the form programmatically, perhaps in your callback function.

</li> </ol>


prevent default on form, then run post, on success of post, target the form by id and use .submit();

$('#submit-button').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $.post({ url:'url', success:function() { $('#formid').submit() } }); });


<ol><li>Go head with your evt.preventDefault().</li> <li>Make an $.ajax() call to run your php script.</li> <li>In the $.ajax() success/failure callback, check the output of the php script you want to run, and accordingly make a $.post call (or not).</li> </ol>


You can always hook the click event, and do your stuff. When you are done you just do $(form).submit();

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/DNTYg/" rel="nofollow">Working example</a>

$("#submitbutton").click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); // do your ajax stuff here.. $.post(). $("#form").submit(); });


You can use just use the native submit function instead of jQuery's submit() which goes through the event handler again

$('form').submit(function(e){ // change form to your form id e.preventDefault(); var el = this; // store this form in variable $.post('/echo/html/',data,function(d){ // your post function el.submit(); // trigger native submit function in success callback }); });

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/5vEsu/" rel="nofollow">FIDDLE</a>


In your form tag, add onsubmit="myfunction()"


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