c.id %> % end %>I have a code snippet in my list.html.erb file. It raises an exception 'Couldn't find Sub" name="description" /> c.id %> % end %>I have a code snippet in my list.html.erb file. It raises an exception 'Couldn't find Sub" />

Couldn't find id=:all - Ruby on Rails


<ul id = "subjects"> <% Subject.find(:all).each do |c| %> <li><%= link_to c.name, :action => "show_subjects", :id => c.id %></li> <% end %> </ul>

I have a code snippet in my list.html.erb file. It raises an exception 'Couldn't find Subject with 'id'=all'. What's the problem in this case? The thing I want to do is to list all subjects as the hyperlinks.

Thanks for help.


The problem is you're using code that is ancient. Replace it with either of those two.

Subject.all.each do ...


Subject.find_each do ...

Explanation for error is that find automatically searches by id and :all is not a valid id and so it can't find anything and raises and exception.


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