regex to extract mentions in Twitter


I need to write a regex in python to extract mentions from Tweets.

My attempt:


It works fine for any mention like @mickey However, in mentions with underscores like @mickey_mouse, it only extracts @mickey.

How can I modify the regex for it to work in both cases?

Thank you


Add an underscore to the last set like this:


<a href="https://regex101.com/r/IVBuug/1" rel="nofollow">Regex101 Demo</a>

On a side note, <a href="https://support.twitter.com/articles/101299" rel="nofollow">Twitter Handle rules</a> allow you to have usernames starting with numbers & underscores as well. So to extract twitter handles a regex could be as simple as: @\w{1,15} <em>(allows characters, numbers and underscores and includes the 15 character limit)</em>. Will need some additional lookaheads/lookbehinds based on where the regex might be used.


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