Reading an XML using libxml2


I'm using libxml2.so to parse XML file in C on LINUX platform. I have my XML in the format as mentioned below. I can have any number of accounts in the files. I'm using libxml for the first time after someone suggested me on forum. I'm able to parse the file I had only one account. I donot understand how do I implement if I have more than one account. Anyone implemented such thing before in C,libxml on Linux.



per XML-Definition, if you have more < ACCOUNT>s you need a surrounding tag f.e. < ACCOUNTS> around all the < ACCOUNT>-tags.

if you have that, you can go "into" the child, and you can while() over the ->next nodes.

EDITH: i suppose you use the DOM-modell. But if you have many (!) < ACCOUNT>s, you should swith to SAX for memory reasons. DOM builds a complete (M)apping of the (D)ocument to (O)bjects in memory.

In SAX, you build a state machine, which is triggered while the reading of the file/memory is done, for every starting tag and ending tag and data.

EDITH 2: if you have to find a special value you should consider to put the key-value (account_no?) into an attribute like < ACCOUNT no="123"> < NAME>< XYZ> < STATE>FL< /STATE> < /ACCOUNT>


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