keyup not working in IE 8


I just realized that this piece of code works well in Firefox but not in IE 8. I need to automatically populate the list when the user enters at least 8 characters in the input field.

$('#inputField').keyup(function (event) { var $inputField = $(this); if ($inputField.val().length >= 8) { popularListBox(); } }); function populateListBox(){ $.get("Default.aspx?name=test", function(data) { $('#listBox').children().remove(); var options = data; $("#listBox").html(data); }); }


You want to detect the change in input field and then do some actions, right?

I think you may detect the changes instead of keyboard actions only. For example, how about if the user paste from clipboard?

Please try these codes:

$('#inputField').bind('propertychange input paste', function() { // do poppularListBox() });

It works for most input field including textarea. Please check jQuery site for more information.

In my experience, .keyup() and .keypress() often get errors in IE. I would like to use .keydown() if possible (case by case)


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