Globally injecting am AngularJS factory mockup when testing with Jasmine


I'm creating unit tests for my AngularJS application's controllers. In myapp.run I'm injecting and using a factory, called UsersFactory, somehow like this:

myApp.run(['$rootScope','UsersFactory', function ($rootScope,UsersFactory) { UsersFactory.getMe().then(function(data) { //.. }); }]);

I created a Mock for UsersFactory called UsersFactoryMock. It has the same methods as UsersFactory, but the implementation is different (fake) of course.

I would like to inject UsersFactoryMock, in order to be able myApp.run to use it instead of UsersFactory.

I was trying to do so using beforeEach:

beforeEach(module(function ($provide, $injector) { $provide.service("UsersFactory", $injector.get("UsersFactoryMock") ); }));

But running the test, it tells me,


Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module function ($provide) due to: ReferenceError: UsersFactoryMock is not defined"


How could I achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance.


Does UsersFactoryMock need to be registered with the injector? Why not just provide a plain object as your mock?

var UsersFactoryMock = { getMe: function () { // mocked method } }; beforeEach(module(function ($provide) { $provide.service("UsersFactory", UsersFactoryMock); }));

Moreover, testing code in a run block is generally messy. You should move such logic into a service which can then be tested like any other. See: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/a/18089426/2943490" rel="nofollow">https://stackoverflow.com/a/18089426/2943490</a>.


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