File Not Found Saving Object to Phone File Directory


I am trying to write a object to file and retrieve it later from a different activity. When opening the Input stream to retrieve the object I get the IO exception:


java.io.FileNotFoundException: /data/data/com.mooney.diveapp/files/savedDiveLocations: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)


The String and File initialisation:

String fileName="savedDiveLocations"; File theFileName; theFileName= new File(objectConetxActivity.getFilesDir(), fileName);

The code here returns a object from the file where it is saved previously:

String fileAddress = objectConetxActivity.getFilesDir()+ fileName; ObjectInputStream ois = null; FileInputStream streamIn=null; Object locationObject = null; try{ // except thrown here streamIn = new FileInputStream(fileAddress); // address of file ois = new ObjectInputStream(streamIn); locationObject = ois.readObject(); }catch (Exception e){

And writing a object to file:

ObjectOutputStream oos = null; FileOutputStream fout = null; // save to internal durectpry as opposed to exteranl SD card try{ String fileAddress = objectConetxActivity.getFilesDir()+ fileName; fout = new FileOutputStream(fileAddress); // filepath oos = new ObjectOutputStream(fout); oos.writeObject(mapLocationsObject); }catch(Exception ex){...

Any input appreciated.


Just executing theFileName= new File(objectConetxActivity.getFilesDir(), fileName); alone will not create your file.

You have to call theFileName.createNewFile();. And make sure that method returns true. That means the file was effectively created.


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