Rearranging by Matlab


A = [a 2 5 8; b 4 8 NaN]

where a and b are 1x3 row vectors.

I need to get a cell array B with:

B{1}=2 a B{2}=5 a B{3}=8 a b B{4}=4 b

The ordering doesn't matter though.

So I need to put the 4,5,6..th columns element by element with respect to those 1x3 row vectors a and b, disregarding NaN.

My first try was unique(A), but this alone couldn't eliminate NaN, nor can it match correctly.

Perhaps I also need to get the index matrix of at which "row" each element (2,5,8,4,8,), but I couldn't find how.

I then tried using for and if. But my PC was unable to process this with huge file size.


So you have a matrix A:

A = [a 2 5 8; b 4 8 NaN];

I'll first split the matrix into parts consisting of a and b and the rest:

a_and_b = A(:,1:3); Arest = A(:,4:end);

then we'll see what the unique items are in this Arest matrix, and remove the NaNs:

Arest_uniq = unique(Arest); Arest_uniq = Arest_uniq(~isnan(Arest_uniq));

check the occurences of the elements in Arest_uniq in rows of Arest:

occur_A = arrayfun(@(ii) ismember(Arest_uniq,Arest(ii,:)),1:size(A,1),'uni',false);

Because adding those rows a and/or b based on an if-construction isn't a linear operation, I'd rather just do it in a loop.

output = num2cell(Arest_uniq); for ii=1:numel(output) for jj=1:size(A,1) if occur_A{jj}(ii) output{ii} = [output{ii} a_and_b(jj,:)]; end end end

Go through this with <a href="http://www.mathworks.nl/help/matlab/matlab_prog/debugging-process-and-features.html#brqxeeu-192" rel="nofollow">step-by-step debugging</a>, inspect variables on the way, and eventually you'll understand what everything does. So next time you can solve your problems yourself on the spot.


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