annotate then filter then annotate


The code:

now = datetime.now() year_ago = now - timedelta(days=365) category_list = Category.objects.annotate(suma = Sum('operation__value')) \ .filter(operation__date__gte = year_ago) \ .annotate(podsuma = Sum('operation__value'))

The idea: get sum of each category and sum of one year back.

But this code result only filtered objects; suma is equal to podsuma.


A queryset only produces one query, so all annotations are calculated over the same filtered data set. You'll need to do two queries.


Do something like this:

In models.py

class Category(models.Model): ... def suma(self): return ... def podsuma(self): return ...

Then remove the annotations and your for loop should work as is. It'll mean a lot more queries, but they'll be simpler, and you can always cache them.


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