Active Admin: Multiple Actions in same column similar to View, Edit, Delete


I am using active admin gem to have a admin console for my ruby on rails application. I am having a problem where i want to have multiple custom actions to every item on index page just like View,Edit, Delete. But when adding custom action only the last one is displayed instead of all.

index do column 'Instructor Name',:user column 'Email Address', :email column 'Phone Number', :phone column 'website', link_to 'google', 'www.google.com' column :bio actions defaults: false do |application| if application.user.instructor == 2 button_to 'Disapprove', instructor_deny_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put else button_to 'Approve', instructor_approve_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put end link_to "resume",getresume_instructor_applications_path(id: application.id) end end

Only resume link is shown instead of Approve/Disprove and resume

What am i doing wrong


If you have ActiveAdmin >= 1.0.0.preX, you can do this:

actions defaults: false do |application| if application.user.instructor == 2 action_item 'Disapprove', instructor_deny_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put else action_item 'Approve', instructor_approve_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put end action_item "resume", getresume_instructor_applications_path(id: application.id) end

If you use a 0.6.x:

actions defaults: false do |application| if application.user.instructor == 2 text_node link_to 'Disapprove', instructor_deny_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put else text_node link_to 'Approve', instructor_approve_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put end link_to "resume", getresume_instructor_applications_path(id: application.id) end


Try put your approve/disapprove links in columns like this,

column 'action' do |application| application.user.instructor == 2 ? button_to 'Disapprove', instructor_deny_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put : button_to 'Approve', instructor_approve_user_path(application.user.id), method: :put end

And Default link for resume as it is.

actions defaults: false do |application| link_to "resume",getresume_instructor_applications_path(id: application.id) end


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