Why, after launching a userform from a userform, does unloading the 2nd userform close both?


A button on a worksheet launches a macro that opens a userform (say, userform1). Userform1 is loaded non-modal in order for the user to use both userform1 and the worksheet (i.e., click cells) for input. There is a button on userform1 that, when clicked, opens another userform (say, userform2). Userform2 is modal. Clicking a Cancel button on userform2 unloads userform2 as it is supposed to; however, it, for some reason, also unloads userform1, which I do not want. If I make userform1 modal, then unloading userform2 does not unload userform1; however, the user can no longer use (i.e., click) the cells in the worksheet. I cannot find any info that will give me a clue as to why unloading one userform unloads both.



a = 1 ' only 1 more line of any code to execute

this will do the trick. At least this worked for me with the same issue...


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