Transform XML with publicly available XSLT


I don't have much practical experience with XSLT so I would need your "best practice" help on the problem. XML is automaticaly generated and sent to the user (emails, etc.). This XML contains the following header element (starting and ending element tags are deleted due to editor problems):

xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://example.com/myvisualisation.xslt"

XSLT is uploaded and available at given URL. What is the "standard/normal" way for user to open received XML with this transformation applied? (when I try with browser I get cross-domain error). Is it possible (and how) to arrange things so that user can simply double click attached XML and he/she will see transformed document?

Also when I try to open XML with MS Excel (which gives me an option to apply transformation) is quite "messy" (missing borders, etc.) compared to if I use browser (looks ok) although I am using very standard and simple HTML.. no fancy stuff.


I don't think sending XML files to "users" is a good idea. Why don't you do the transformation for them and send them the resulting HTML file - or (preferably, IMHO) use some other generally accepted format such as PDF?


Also when I try to open XML with MS Excel (which gives me an option to apply transformation) is quite "messy" (missing borders, etc.) compared to if I use browser (looks ok) although I am using very standard and simple HTML.. no fancy stuff.


Hard to tell based on so little info (none, really) but it could have something to do with Excel not being a browser.


Although browsers support XSLT, in practice, most XSLT that generates HTML is run on the server or in offline batch processes -- not within the browser. <strong>If at all possible, run XSLT in the server or in an offline batch process rather than in the browser.</strong>

If you have to transform XML in the browser, be aware of some serious limitations and issues:

<ol><li>XSLT 2.0 is not supported by any of the major browsers.</li> <li>Browser security models differ in ways that affect XSLT processing. This can be a major source of frustration in developing or distributing documents that rely on browser-based XSLT. <ul><li>As you've already encountered, cross-domain restrictions can be an issue.</li> <li>While Firefox will allow locally loaded XSLT files to run, Chrome will not; <a href="https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=70088" rel="nofollow">Chrome requires that XSLT be loaded from a server</a>.</li> </ul></li> </ol>

<strong>Note:</strong> It is not a "header element" but a processing instruction. You should be able to paste it into your question verbatim, and it should look like this:

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://example.com/myvisualisation.xslt"?>

If your document instead actually does represent this as an element [<strong><em>wrong</em></strong>],

<xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://example.com/myvisualisation.xslt"/>

then the link to the XSLT will certainly fail.

<strong>Final note:</strong> Your XML-in-MS Excel question should be asked separately with substantially more detail added.


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